Partnering with the leading health and wellness company to bring focus to their deep knowledge in gut microbiome, sports nutrition, and weight management.


Backed by extensive research and clinical evidence, Plexus Worldwide has a diverse array of products all tied to the central concept of gut health. Our mission with Plexus is to showcase the efficacy of the products, the unique formulations, the deep science, and the extensive knowledge and research of Plexus experts.

Media coverage of Plexus Worldwide products has resulted in over 130 million UVPM, and expert coverage has exceeded 163 million UVPM

Having an agency with extensive scientific expertise is critical for effectively working with that media beat. Scientific research, trendspotting, writing, and outreach – these are all the building blocks of a successful program.

Plexus Worldwide has an extensive stable of experts, including exercise physiologists, nutrition scientists, gastroenterologists, and scientific researchers. We have spent years working with them to match their knowledge to what’s trending in both popular and hard science media, to make we bring the focus to Plexus’ credibility. Outlets including Healthline, PopSugar, Well+Good, Byrdie, Refinery29, SheFinds, and Shape have featured Plexus and its experts.

We also partner with Plexus to produce business and scientific brand-owned content to feature on their website and microsites. Smart science, extensive research, knowledge experts and products that work. The perfect mix.

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