Meloway Makeup

Meloway Makeup launched during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing unforeseen challenges. With most retailers shuttered and consumer demand for color cosmetics at an all-time low, we knew we needed to engage our audiences in new ways. 

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Meloway Makeup
Color Cosmetics
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Spotlighting the Brand Ethos

A key focus for Meloway is to change the narrative about makeup, making it a unisex experience about individuality, exploration, and inclusivity. With this as a goal, we created a web experience that brought both the product innovation and brand vision to the foreground.

Get Social

Social media was a key element of our strategy, with a focus on Instagram and TikTok. For Instagram, we developed relatable and engaging content, that demonstrated the product and brand philosophy, with useful lifestyle content interspersed. We increased our reach through organic influener seeding, and integrated content, resulting in almost 15,000 followers in two years. With TikTok, we built a roster of creators to develop content, with a target goal of a video daily. Within four months, we were at the precipice of 15,000 followers. To date, social media has been a major driver of sales.

Creating a Cult Favorite

Mascara is a tough category. The consumer is brand loyal and slow to adopt a new product, in an extremely over-saturated market. We put the Cherry Cola mascara front and center as the hero, with Instagram posts, TikTok videos, and Instagram ads. The positioning? That this color saturated, burgundy mascara is the other daily essential for the natural no-makeup makeup look. The result? Cherry Cola is the most searched, purchased and talked about mascara in the line.

Never Stop Optimizing

Organic search is critical for brand exposure. For Meloway, we optimized the product pages for keywords that have the most user searches, with ongoing adjustments. We also develop monthly optimized content for the Meloway blog, with the navy mascara article ranking at position three in SERP and generating the highest organic traffic.

A Socially Distanced Commercial Shoot

We shot the brand video at the height of the pandemic, and edited the footage in post-production to capture the brand’s fun, collaborative approach to beauty.

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