It’s a fact of the world today that movers and shakers can take your brand to the next level. When it’s the right thing to do for your brand, it works.

Generate Buzz — Celebrities have made their way into our living rooms, the supermarket, our Twitter and Facebook pages, influencing everything from the clothes we wear, the products we buy to how we decorate our homes. We shop based on their choices, working to make our lives just a little bit more glamorous. In today’s voyeuristic world, a celebrity embracing your brand can be the difference between run of the mill and wild success. If a celebrity will track with your consumer, we work to get your product into their hands and build solid relationships with key fans that can be leveraged. With us, it’s not a shot in the dark. The celebrities we target will complement your company and your consumer.

Bolster Credibility — Celebrities can generate buzz, but it’s just one piece of the strategy. To increase your brand’s appeal to the press, we also can target third party influencers, whether they are makeup artists, fashion stylists or interior designers. In this day and age, these experts have become celebrities or big names in their own rights and are showcased often in the media. These experts can lend credibility to your brand through unpaid endorsements that resonate with press far more authentically than paid spokespeople. We have an extensive roster of influencers and will work to find the right fit for your brand.

Make It Work Together — Celebrities and experts. Sexy and solid. With our influencer relations program, your brand gets into the hands of the tastemakers who matter for your brand.