Event rule of thumb: “don’t do it just to do it.”

At our agency, we can create events on every scale. The first questions we ask ourselves are “what is the goal?” and “what is the budget?” Once we have the answer to those, everything falls into place. It’s New York. Anything is possible and everything is doable. Have another city in mind? Well, we can do that too.

Here’s a quick look at some of the events we offer clients:

Desksides — Industry-speak for meeting editors on their turf, whether it’s the lobby, Starbucks or their desk. It’s cost-effective with the emphasis on effective. These fifteen to twenty minute face-to-face meetings get the editors’ undivided attention focused on your product.

Breakfast Events — Editors tell us again and again that catching them before they get to the office makes it easier for them to attend, before they are deluged with deadlines. This simple format is a great way to give a brief informational presentation on new brand developments. If you have something interesting, to say, a breakfast event is affordable, low-key and gets results.

Cocktail Parties — If you’re looking to engage different audiences, whether it’s press, retailers, consumers or just want to throw back a few with your friends, a cocktail party is a fun way to bring everyone together. Where it works — to mingle and thank people. Where it doesn’t — anyplace you want undivided attention from your audience.

The above is just a sampling of what we offer. Tailored to your objectives, events can range from the simple to the extravagant. Keep in mind our rule of thumb and we will make it a success.