Sandra Lee Launches New Print Magazine

Over the past several years, many print magazines have folded, while existing ones have reduced their issue run. This decline may be abating. At the end of this month, joining new titles like Cosmo for Latinas, Du Jour, and Miabella, Sandra Lee will re-launch her print magazine, stretching her comfort zone by adding new non-food content. Lee, a celebrity chef on the Food Network, formerly published a cooking magazine which halted distribution last January.

One component missing from Sandra Lee, The Magazine will be subscriptions. Whether it is risky or forward thinking has yet to be seen. While not offering straight to your door service may alienate subscription loyalists, Lee plans to sell the magazine for a higher price point, which may make up difference in revenue. Bypassing subscription service also means avoiding deep discounting to get those with subscriptions to renew each year. To launch a magazine without discounting it from the beginning automatically establishes the mindset that it’s worth the price.

Lee will also produce a digital version of her magazine, available on Apple, Android, and Nook platforms. Each will sell single issues at the same rate as the newsstand price.

There’s something to be said for exclusivity and differentiating your title from similar ones out there. If the no-subscription model proves successful for Lee, we may see other publications following suit.

Image via Shabasheva

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