PMC’s Green Spa Day

This past November, Pierce Mattie Communications was all about our natural and organic products. And what better way to gear up for green print coverage than to host a two-day spa event for our favorite national magazine editors? Eyebrow makeovers, lip color consultations, reflexology hand massages, and hair blowouts—we created a full menu of spa services in our Media Oasis. Get a behind the scenes peek at how we brought our clients front and center to the beauty magazines.

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Lash and Brow expert Kate from LashFood

Lash and brow expert Kate from LashFood gave editors mini-makeovers using the new BrowFood 24H Tri-Feather Brow Pen, slated to launch February 2016.

Pierce Mattie

Pierce Mattie is a full-service marketing agency that interacts with consumers and key stakeholders at every stage of the journey. With a focus in beauty, health and wellness, we are immersed in the marketing landscape, able to powerfully communicate a brand’s point of difference to acquire and maintaining customers. The content team is obsessed with what's trending in the digital world, and how it intersects with consumer behavior. We are passionate about the changing landscape of the world, including how emergent technologies affect brand attachment, how diversity and inclusivity are critical to success, and where humans fit into the equation.

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