How to Market to Millennials

Millennials are more socially, emotionally and intellectually connected to brands and causes than any other generation before it. It is a generation that’s growing up in a world that cannot live without technology, prefers everything at lightning fast speed, and wants to engage with brands, not just be marketed to.

Your communication efforts with this generation need to be incredibly streamlined and tactical. There needs to be a clear understanding that Millennials are a generation brought up on customization and connectedness. They are attracted to brands that they can mold to their own unique lifestyles. They are self-aware and understand their worth and how influential they can be.

Here are some ways to market to Millennials:

1. Support a Cause

Gen Y strongly believes in supporting and buying from brands that champion and contribute financially to causes. Aligning themselves with a charity or philanthropic effort is part of describing who they are as an individual.

2. Customize

You can slice and dice this up into various levels including: customize to region, customize locally, and adapt to suit a trend or lifestyle. Whatever it may be, once you define the niche demographics of who your Millennial customer is, tailor to their interests.

3. Get Social

Gen Y isn’t hanging out on your website or in your retail store. They’re online and talking: with friends, with strangers who share their love of your products, and most often…with you. They’re not one to call your 800 number, but instead are more likely to tweet you or comment on your Facebook fan page. If you are not already active on the social media platforms your customers use most, or simply designate it to someone 9-5, then you are missing opportunities to connect with them.

4. Provide Discounts & Savings

They’re coined Generation Discount for a reason. While this generation may enjoy spending rather than saving, they are always holding out for a better price, and as such, expect to find exclusive discounts, coupons and sales via a brand’s social media profile.

5. Real People As Brand Ambassadors

While celebrities still hold a lot of influence when it comes to marketing your product, Gen Y looks to resources they trust and feel they can identify with. A celebrity’s budget is unattainable, but a well respected blogger or editor’s may be within reach. Enlist and partner with your most vocal brand loyalists.

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