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How the Election Proved the Importance of Face Time

The 2012 election was one for the history books; most, if not the entire country, were hanging on by the edge of their seats on election night as the tallied votes came in. Meanwhile, President Obama used Twitter to announce his win for re-election with the simple tweet, “Four more years,” (which has since become the most re-tweeted post ever.) Although, both candidates used social media to infuse momentum into their campaign, spread key campaign message points among their enthusiasts and keep the public aware of their day to day news; they tirelessly made meeting with voters on the campaign trail the key component to their strategy. The election proved, now more than ever, that face time is vitally important in developing relationships and driving your message home.

Face Time with Your PR Agency

Being intimately involved with the publicity of your brand is crucial. Sure, you could convey via email or phone what your needs are, where you’d like to be in Q 3 or 4, but meeting with your communications team in person nurtures a better working relationship that equips them to successfully deliver key brand messaging.

Face Time with Editors

Desksides serves as a complement to your agencies PR efforts and is another vital tool for publicity. Only you know your brand inside and out, the background story, the struggles, the successes and what makes your product unique in the marketplace. Fostering these relationships, in person, with editors helps put a face to the name when your communications firm pitches them again in the future.

Face Time with Your Consumers

Both in-store appearances and broadcast segments are essential to connecting with your target end user. Not only do they get your products some face time, but you are bringing your brand to life. Cultivating that chemistry, which only you as the face of the brand can do, brings added value to the company-consumer relationship.

It’s relatively simple to send out email blasts, use social media platforms to engage with consumers and deliver your brand message, but there is nothing more valuable than an in person, physical presence. The energy, personality and charisma that only face-to-face contact can give is far more significant than any tweet can ever relay.

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