Hey Dude, Have You Seen My Men’s Grooming Kit?

It’s no secret that the famous, flawless females we see in magazines, on television and at awards shows have a team of expert beautifiers working behind the scenes to create their picture-perfect looks. In fact, most of these ladies often give public shout-outs to their “glam squads.” But what about the guys who are featured on magazine covers and walking red carpets? Surely they aren’t looking that perfect all on their own. Enter the elusive “Celebrity Groomer.” They are the experts your favorite famous gentlemen entrust to keep them looking their best.

Hairstylist to the (male AND female) stars, Kristan Serafino has a huge male celebrity clientele ranging from actors Matthew McConaughey, Norman Reedus and Jimmy Fallon, to athletes Henrik Lundqvist, Rory McIlroy and Lewis Hamilton. Her job involves constantly analyzing men’s grooming products for ways to best meet the traditional and trending needs of her clients.

We were lucky enough to have Kristan take time out of her hectic schedule to let us pick her brain about men’s grooming. Here’s what she had to say:

QUESTION: How much of a collaborative effort is grooming male celebrities?

KRISTAN SERAFINO: A celebrity’s appearance is often a crucial component to their brand. This is true whether they are maintaining a look for a character or their personal appearance. My male celebrities have a keen sense of their brand, so they have considerable input. The celebrity – along with their agent, publicist and manager – utilize my experience to maintain that brand, but also have me advise them on the best ways to keep the appearance fresh and relevant.

QUESTION: Do your clients mind the public knowing they have professional help in the grooming department?

KRISTAN SERAFINO: Most of my male clients don’t mind the public knowing they work with a groomer since it is basically a part of their job. Regardless, I make it a personal policy to maintain strict confidentiality with my clients. Everything stays in the vault!

QUESTION: How important is it to train the guys on how to use the products on their own?

KRISTAN SERAFINO: So important, second only to product selection. Whether we’re talking about hair care or skin care, the way a product is used will ultimately determine its performance. Today’s grooming products have sophisticated formulations that react differently depending on the condition of the hair or skin. I teach my clients the basic principle behind each product, and then we tweak the usage according to their individual hair and skin type.

QUESTION: What is one common mistake you see men making with their hair or skin care routine, and how can they fix it?

KRISTAN SERAFINO: Men that are balding, have a receding hairline or thinning hair sometimes believe that wearing their hair longer will create the illusion of having more hair. On the contrary, longer hair adds weight that visually accentuates recession lines and restricts volume. A simple rule of thumb is to keep the sides and back of the hair no longer than the length on top. This will create a delicate transition at the hairline and give the illusion of volume where you want it. Unless you are passionate about achieving – I cringe to say – a comb-over, in which case longer is better.

QUESTION: What’s the most intimate question you’ve been asked regarding grooming needs?

KRISTAN SERAFINO: That’s difficult to specify since it can all be rather intimate. My kit includes solutions for head-to-toe grooming issues: scissors, brushes, hair care and styling products, facial concealer, razors, eye care solutions, trimmers, hair restoration products, tweezers, lip therapy, skin toner, moisturizers, cleansers, and so on.

QUESTION: Any grooming ‘rules to live by’ or general advice you’d like to give the average guy?

KRISTAN SERAFINO: Yes – embrace regular change! Chances are your basic hairstyle is not the best for all circumstances and events, so add new styles into your repertoire. You will be surprised what can be accomplished with the slightest change in style. For example, if you usually wear hair up-and-tousled, try parting it instead. Or try a retro slick, spike, or a dozen other looks that make an impact with minimal effort. Remember, your hair is the only accessory you wear all day, every day!

QUESTION: Thank you Ms. Serafino.


Get a behind-the-scenes peek at Kristan’s day-to-day work on her blog and social media outlets: Portfolio, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Image via Siebbi / Flickr

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