Are Pod People Turning Detergent Makers into the Living Dead?

Laundry pods, those compact plastic sacks that contain pre-measured amounts of soap, seem tailor made for people who over-pour and over-use liquid or powdered detergents. Unless you’re one of the makers of the pods, the sales of which have resulted in an actual decrease in dollars flowing to corporate coffers. Should product innovation be all about the bottom line – no matter how popular some products might be with customers?

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IT’s Growing Role in What You Buy at the Supermarket

Business Intelligence (BI) systems have been around since at least the late 1950s. Now, with the advent of better tech and faster systems, what took days to find out can take as little as a few seconds. But do buyers of consumer packaged goods really want the Geek Patrol telling everyone what to stock and, presumably, what to buy?

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