Beauty Trends Fall 2015

Beauty Trends for Fall 2015

Cooler temps, layered outfits, pumpkin spice lattes, and a new season of Once Upon a Time; you could say there are definitely some aspects of fall I look forward to every year. I’m especially excited to see which beauty trends are “in” this year – from Fashion Week to the Emmys – you never know when inspiration will strike (I swear I don’t take each and every trend as gospel!). With summer at its end, here are a few beauty trends for Fall 2015 that have caught my interest:

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    Red Lipstick

    Whenever I see this listed as a beauty trend for an upcoming season, I can’t help but smile. Some complain that red lipstick can be messy or a bit too bold, but I can think of no better (or easier) way to instantly transform a look from simple to Old Hollywood chic. If you’re worried that red lipstick overwhelming your features, balance the look out by utilizing a softer, subtler blush and eyeshadow.

    Check out Seventeen’s tips for the perfect red lip
    Celebrity Inspiration: Taylor Swift

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    Smoky Eyes

    Is it just me or do smoky eyes always seem to be “in” for the colder seasons? In any case, it looks like they’re fashionable again! Whether it’s daytime or you are heading for a fun night out, smoky eyes complement almost all facial features. The secret for the perfect smoky eye look lies in blending the shadow in as much as possible (or so I hear, I must admit this is one look I still haven’t entirely mastered).

    Watch Lisa Eldridge’s tutorial on sexy, smoky eyes
    Celebrity Inspiration: Zoe Saldana

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    Piece-y Bangs

    This is the one trend that I always think looks wonderful in theory, but is not necessarily a good idea in practice—at least for me. If they are done by a skilled hairstylist, piece-y bangs can look great on many women; they just require a great deal of maintenance. Back in high school, I tried the piece-y bangs look, only to quickly realize that I liked the bangs best when they did not split (which they rarely did) and frequent salon trips would be required to maintain the length. Don’t be discouraged from trying out this look if you think it could work well for you, just be aware that it is an investment. has a great roundup of bangs for your face shape
    Celebrity Inspiration: Rashida Jones

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    Bronze Shadow

    There was a time when bronze-colored shadow was the only shadow for me. I have since ventured into purples, blues, and other more colorful shades, but my nostalgic side is more than happy to see that bronze shadow is “in” for the upcoming season. Whether it’s your solo eye look or simply the backdrop to darker shadows or eye liner, bronze shadow can easily have a place in any look.

    Amazing looks on bronzed lids are on Stylecaster
    Celebrity Inspiration: Blake Lively

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    Clumpy Lashes

    After going on several shopping trips over the years to find the perfect de-clumping mascara, imagine my surprise to learn that some people now want clumpy lashes! I am sure that somewhere Twiggy is happy to know that the look she helped make famous hasn’t been left behind forever in the mid-1960s.

    Clumpy, spidery lashes top off the rocker look, according to the Cut
    Celebrity Inspiration: Kristen Stewart

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    Side Ponytails

    No fall 2015 trend makes me happier than this one: the side pony is back! I love side ponytails, finding them cute and classy. Another advantage to this style is that they are incredibly easy, which is helpful to a hairstyling-inept person (*ahem* like me) who is still struggling to master a braid. At the same time, side ponytails are very adaptable. You can have a higher one at the side of your head, a lower one by your shoulders, curled ends, or even a braided one for a fancier look.

    Check out Beauty Launchpad’s how-to on the Christian Dior low side pony
    Celebrity Inspiration: Lauren Conrad

Image via Maria Morri / CC BY 2.0

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