Celebrities: Live Short and Prosper

Celebrities—with their flush bank accounts, trails of homes around the world and constant adoration, yet die sooner than the rest of us common folk.

Promoting Beauty Products via Social Media

If you're a brand interested in using sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote beauty-based products and services, remember that it’s imperative to deliver to engage consumers in a manner that is relevant, engaging and inspires them to act.

Coming to Your Skincare Regimen…Probiotics?

Relatively recent research suggests the strain of bacterium could abet acne flareups or other breakouts too. Great news for those with erratic skin.

Color It Marketable

It's not brand new information that colors easily stir up subconscious feelings, some troubling, others completely pleasant. Savvy retailers bank on this emotional correlation along the spectrum of Roy G. Biv to attract shoppers and encourage the opening of pockets and swiping of credit cards.

African Textiles Make Their Way onto the Fashion Runway

African textiles have long demonstrated a unique artisanship and not-easily-replicated patterns, varying throughout the years in reflection of the continent's rich but vacillating history of turmoil and peace.

Hey Dude, Have You Seen My Men’s Grooming Kit?

It’s no secret that the famous, flawless females we see in magazines, on television and at awards shows have a team of expert beautifiers working behind the scenes to create their picture-perfect looks. In fact, most of these ladies often give public shout-outs to their “glam squads.”

The CFDA Gives Back in More Ways than One

Hollywood starlets, fashion designers and industry moguls rubbed elbows at the ninth annual CFDA/Vogue magazine 2012 Fashion Fund Awards in Manhattan Tuesday night.