Brand Communication: Less Talk More (Inter)Action

As each year passes, we see a greater interaction between brands and their targeted consumers thanks to social media and the influence of the digital platform. The evolution began slowly, but when the economy took a plunge and marketing budgets tightened.

Parabens: To Avoid or Not To Avoid?

The debate between natural preservatives versus chemical preservatives has only intensified in the past few years, as more and more studies have shown that parabens, chemical preservatives used widely in most mass beauty products to prevent the growth of bacteria.

How the Election Proved the Importance of Face Time

The 2012 election was one for the history books; most, if not the entire country, were hanging on by the edge of their seats on election night as the tallied votes came in.

Retail Spending & Shopping Forecast For Holiday 2012

Many are ready to celebrate the holidays and spend slightly more than they did in 2011. Here’s how we predict consumers will be shopping this year.

Fashion Industry Top Blogs: Style Feed by Susie Bubble & William Oliver

Veteran fashion blogger and freelance writer, Susie Lau of Style Bubble, has collaborated with fellow freelance writer, William Oliver, to publish Style Feed: The World’s Top Fashion Blogs.

Using Twitter to Spread News

When it comes to how you share press releases or articles, where do you turn for immediate distribution? For many, the answer now includes Twitter. Viewing Twitter as just a conversation space?