Corporate Social Responsibility: Is Taking a Stand Smart Business?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives give brands a means of putting their values into action with socially responsible practices. CSR programs are founded on the belief that corporate citizenship should have a positive impact on the world.

Can We Communicate Depth without Words?

Memes, Reels, video shorts, sound bites: they're everywhere. But are they diluting our meaning or another way to get the message out there?

How Makeup Is Empowering, Subjugating, and Exclusionary All at Once

As society heads further down the path into a need for constant newness, makeup products are one of the ways to fulfill this. Every season, there’s a swarm of new palettes with whimsical names that tempt us.

Ageism in Beauty

We all hear about the dangerous consequences of a youth-obsessed culture, but talk isn't enough. Someone has to take a stand for real change. Why not the group that already has a captive audience - the beauty industry

Ms. Marvel Is What True Representation Means

Marvel's live action take on Ms. Marvel is proving to be just as groundbreaking as its comic counterpart. The new superhero show's greatest power is the power of its narrative on culture, religion, family.

Freedom & Ethics in the Metaverse

The neutrality of the Metaverse and the offer to craft an entirely new appearance (if desired) has been faced with an astounding mix of positivity and backlash. Is this new no-rules era a cause for concern and how will it influence how brands and individuals act in the space?

Beauty is… taking care of you

As we continue to navigate through a pandemic, brands taking an increasingly supportive and compassionate role resonate deeply with today's consumers, while also building brand trust on a deeper level. Beauty, skincare, and wellness consumers demand a brand that understands their facets and develops products wholly suited to them.

When Social Media Meets E-Commerce

Social Commerce, or "Social Shopping", is the latest trend in e-commerce. It promotes products on social media platforms, making them available for immediate purchase within the app. This "purchase while you scroll" technique allows users to make their purchases from start to finish in one platform.

Beauty is Your Inner Activist Taking a Stand

In the beauty market especially, where there is no dearth of products promising solutions, today’s brands must approach marketing with messaging that reflects their target customer’s beliefs. The ethos behind the brand is now more important than the efficacy of the product itself.

Marketing to the New Generation

Consisting of consumers born after 1997, Generation Z has become an undeniable force in the current marketplace. When it comes to marketing brands to Generation Z, it can feel like an abnormally tough field to navigate. While not impossible, there are key factors to be aware of; new standards that are demanded by the youth of today.