Social media means different things to different people. Here’s what it means to us.

Media has changed drastically over the past decade. People still love magazines and newspapers, but now they crave a new form of interaction – participatory media. Blogs, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube; this list keeps growing as consumers find new ways to join the conversation with each other.

Social media is unique in that it is:

Conversational — It’s accessible and relatable to everyone.

Immediate — Meets the demands of today’s new generations for instant gratification.

Participatory — Brings socialization into a new sphere, allowing consumers to interact with people all across the globe, providing a diverse set of opinions.

Authentic — Real people in real time, it brings a new level of honesty and transparency to the communications mix.

Our agency has spent years nurturing relationships with key social media players. Even though anyone can have a blog, many bloggers are now editors in their own right, with over a million eyeballs on their sites. Working with this group of press is critical to driving the success of your brand, particularly if you have an e-commerce site.

In addition to bloggers, we develop programs that interface with your existing digital marketing efforts on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe it’s partnering with a media outlet’s social media platform or perhaps you want to drive consumer response to a particular initiative. You may even want us to create a custom program that opens up new consumer channels or presents the brand in a new and innovative way. Whatever the goal, our programs will make sense and deliver.