We love clients that give back to the world. In fact, it tickles us so much that we have created an entire scope of services around it.

While we firmly believe that philanthropy is a reward in and of itself, there’s no reason not to share all the great stuff you’re doing. In fact, it may motivate other companies to espouse causes of their own.

How do we work with you on your Cause Related Marketing (CRM) programs? First step is identifying a set of practices for choosing causes that align with your core values and mission statement. It has to make sense for who you are or else it won’t work either internally or externally. Once we’ve collaborated on the causes that are on equity, we roll up our sleeves and work together to develop a multi-faceted program.

Whether it’s a large-scale corporate social responsibility program, a charitable affiliation that resonates within your company, through your brand and to your consumers, or a partnership to give back to your local community, we will create a program that effectively delivers to the cause, creates buy-in from key stakeholders and motivates consumers to act.

Some of the areas in which we have worked include:

  • Consumer Call-to-Action Programs
  • Corporate Stewardship
  • Employee Service Programs
  • Environmental Sustainability Programs
  • Local Partnerships
  • National Charity Affiliations
  • Online Cause Marketing

Take a look at some of the Cause Related Marketing (CRM) programs we have developed:



In an effort to implement the largest private industrial sustainability program in the nation, Zotos installed multiple wind turbines that were expected to reduce overall CO2 emissions by 50 percent in 2011. Additionally, Zotos worked with Verus Carbon Neutral to offset 100 percent of its Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from its manufacturing plant in Geneva, NY as well as its offices in Darien, CT; Arcadia, CA; and Rosemont, IL. With a carbon footprint of 7,430 metric tons, Zotos is one of the first U.S. companies in the beauty industry to completely neutralize their operations. The company was also in the process of planning to reduce its packaging-related greenhouse gas emissions by more than 75 percent using new packaging created from a hybrid bioplastic resin.


  • Substantiated claims to ensure that public release of information was accurate and would not jeopardize credibility of the company and brands.
  • Worked with various agencies and companies including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), Verus Carbon Neutral and Teknor Apex to substantiate all claims.
  • Successfully secured a partnership with EPA’s Green Power Partnership; Zotos ranked No. 18 on EPA’s Top 20 On-Site Generation list and cited as a leader in sustainability.
  • Secured press mentions in various sustainability outlets and large online properties.
The Company Store BOGO Campaign


Two-prong cause-marketing campaign to benefit Family Promise, a non-profit helping homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence. Over the course of three months, The Company Store donated a comforter to Family Promise for every comforter purchased through their web site or catalogue. As an extension of the Buy One, Give One Comforter Donation Program, The Company Store hosted their Kids’ Design Contest, a social media campaign where kids twelve years and under submitted original artwork on the Facebook landing page. From the entries, Facebook fans narrowed the field down to three winning pieces of artwork, which were transformed into limited edition printed comforters that will be donated to homeless children throughout the United States when the Buy One, Give One Comforter Donation Program resumes in January 2012.


  • The Company Store donated more than 30,000 comforters to children in need.
  • Due to the success of the program, the Company Store decided to anniversary the program in 2012.
  • Secured coverage in top media outlets including AOL, Yahoo and WIRED, as well as with key parenting sites.
  • Secured 718 print and online features over the course of three months, which resulted in over 545 million impressions.
National Family Pajama Night


Worked with The Company Store to develop National Family Pajama Night™, a cause-marketing initiative created to inspire parents to plan one night – Saturday, November 19, 2011 – at home doing unique, fun activities (beyond movie night and traditional board games) to create memories for their children. By visiting the Facebook landing page, parents were asked to pledge their participation, with the goal of reaching 20,000 pledges.


  • The Company Store donated $20,000 worth of family pajamas to Pajama Program, a non-profit organization that supplies pajamas to children in need.
  • Secured coverage in top media outlets including TODAY, as well as the ABC, FOX and CW Networks.
  • Secured more than 200 online and print placements, resulting in more than 54 million impressions.
  • Secured 178 broadcast segments, which resulted in 270 million impressions.