Online Shopping

When Social Media Meets E-Commerce

Social Commerce, or "Social Shopping", is the latest trend in e-commerce. It promotes products on social media platforms, making them available for immediate purchase within the app. This "purchase while you scroll" technique allows users to make their purchases from start to finish in one platform.

Amazon Wades into the Luxury Beauty Market

Amazon added another tributary to its vast marketplace and distribution network -- a Luxury Beauty Store. Consumers can now spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on personal care items without so much as testing them out first. Does Amazon’s move raise more implications for the competition than for the online retailer itself? Does the consumer stand to benefit in ways other than price?

Amazon and Wal-Mart Priming for the Grocery Business?

There’s $565 billion worth of sales in the grocery business every year, according to a report from CNBC. Problem is, profit margins have always been historically low. So why would the likes of Amazon and Wal-Mart rush headlong to get into the food business? Does either company believe that establishing a beachhead on Aisle 2 will be worth the effort? Not to mention the cost?

As Retailers Battle “Showrooming,” Online Merchants Click Through Their Next Moves

With customers shopping for deals locally and then purchasing those same items online – a practice known as “showrooming” – retailers are scrambling to win back sales from foot traffic. At the same time, online merchants are toying with brick-and-mortar presences that aim to match the competition, service for service.

Retail Spending & Shopping Forecast For Holiday 2012

Many are ready to celebrate the holidays and spend slightly more than they did in 2011. Here’s how we predict consumers will be shopping this year.