Covering the Fashions of the Times

Take in some stories about Paris Fashion Week and you might start to wonder what filters are being used to discern noise from news. You could randomly spray paint a poncho, walk down any Paris street – and some self-appointed expert would write a blog post about it. Here’s a glimpse at how these kinds of events get covered. And why the coverage might perfectly suit the events themselves. Or not.

When Online Newspapers Aren’t Free Anymore, Does Buying The Cow Make More Sense?

Newspapers have consolidated ownership over the past year as perhaps never before, with moguls like Warren Buffett getting in the game and hinting at a profitable online revenue model. Is this the last hurrah, or are newspapers and other print publications poised to cash in on a reinvention?

Getting Publicity For Your Brand

Good press can mean various things to individual brands. It can increase awareness of your products and services, it can drive traffic to your website or retail locations, and it can create appeal to potential distribution partners.

Lifestyle Communications with Martha Stewart’s Branding Changes

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia recently announced that it is doing such a restructure of its portfolio. It has created a strategic plan that will be implemented in 2013 to deliver its various lifestyle content across digital, mobile and video platforms while streamlining their approach to broadcast and print distribution.