With a more in-touch and wallet-conscious consumer than ever before, seeking out the best ways to shop this holiday season, brands will be getting creative in order to lure customers into their retail stores and online.

Expect to see these marketing trends this season:

Pop-up Shops

The art of the temporary retail location speaks to this new generation of non-commitment. Whether the shop resides in an empty retail space or on the go mobile transportation, the message is clear: exclusivity, a unique shopping experience and limited time only purchases make for happy holiday shoppers.

Mobile Marketing

From QR codes to mobile-optimized website landing pages based on retail locations closest in proximity to the user, mobile marketing will increase this holiday season. Now more than ever, people are using their smart phones to land deals locally based on national advertising. Mobile-optimized sites will outperform apps this year when it comes to holiday shopping.

Thanksgiving Shopping

Forget Black Friday as the official starting line to the holiday shopping race. As retailers tested the waters last year opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day, it gave way to a new term: Black Midnight. While Thanksgiving has been reserved as a family holiday, shoppers want to get a jumpstart on deeply discounted products and items that will easily sell out this season. Retailers will be answering the call, making Thanksgiving the day holiday shopping will officially kick off.

Email Marketing

Reaching your connected consumer via an email campaign is more important than ever. While they’re continually bombarded with messages in print, broadcast and social media; their inbox is where they faithfully check in several times a day. With an audience that has opted into your messaging, delivering visuals with a call to action will be the perfect complement to your online and offline marketing efforts.

We’re expecting this holiday season to be a marketing success for retailers!

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