Ms. Marvel Is What True Representation Means

Marvel's live action take on Ms. Marvel is proving to be just as groundbreaking as its comic counterpart. The new superhero show's greatest power is the power of its narrative on culture, religion, family.

Holiday Spending Highlights U.S. Wealth Gap

With one percent of the U.S. population controlling a little more than half of the country’s assets these days, how do marketers deal with the growing divide between rich and poor in America, aka the Wealth Gap? A look at how those on the lower end of the economic ladder could provide some insight. If you know your Charles Dickens, that is.

Why Should Anyone Care About the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things looks to take the Internet of Machines one giant leap further. To the point where an insulin pump could respond to remote commands aimed at managing blood sugar reactions. Which is all fun and games until a hacker threatens to sabotage that pump unless a ransom is paid. At which point, things could turn into an intergalactic struggle between geeked-up yuppies and the NSA.

Ethics on Your Plate: The Wicked Tuna Debate

The bluefin tuna, a giant of a saltwater fish that’s prized for its sushi-quality flesh, has been plummeting in numbers worldwide since the 1950s. So why is that bastion of all that is holy environmentally, The National Geographic Society, associating its name with a reality TV show that all but glamorizes the catching of bluefin? Is it to raise awareness about a critical conservation issue? Or is something else at play?