Niche Food Marketing Is More About the Message than the Menu

With more and more people determined to keep to dietary restrictions, it makes business sense for stores and restaurants to do whatever it takes to meet those needs. Restaurants, in particular, can’t simply rely on atmosphere or speed of service to keep their customers. Now more than ever, it’s critically important for foodies to pay attention to the message they’re sending as much as to the products they’re selling.

Celebrities Use the Old Song-and-Dance to Pitch Cleaner Products

Products that “sell themselves” rarely need anyone to know that a famous person likes them, too. Can celebrity endorsements of products help to mitigate a lack of scientific evidence? Or are there other factors at work that have the effect of popularizing products of little or questionable value?

Alexander McQueen: The Life and the Legacy

Newly released read on the late British fashion designer and couturier, Lee Alexander McQueen, is looking to be a top-pick this season.

Sandra Lee Launches New Print Magazine

Over the past several years, many print magazines have folded, while existing ones have reduced their issue run. This decline may be abating.