Forecasts & Trends

Advertising Just for You

Digital advertising is poised to follow you wherever you go, on whatever communication platform you choose to use. And it will lay in wait until you flip, click or like something that gives the ad cheetahs the perfect excuse to pounce. Need the proof? Look no further than your own mobile devices, or various pundits’ predictions. Or how about a startup that sends out coupons over radio waves?

The Lowdown on Glamour’s 2013 Spring Fashion Trends

Spring fashion roundups from magazines like Glamour are supposed to present bold concepts. Can you imagine flipping through the volumes of ads if all that passed as editorial filler were tired old stories about preppie favorites? Or just another batch of celebrity wardrobe “don’t”s? Nope. You need inspiration. And ideas. Plus the common sense to know when too much isn't enough.

When Online Newspapers Aren’t Free Anymore, Does Buying The Cow Make More Sense?

Newspapers have consolidated ownership over the past year as perhaps never before, with moguls like Warren Buffett getting in the game and hinting at a profitable online revenue model. Is this the last hurrah, or are newspapers and other print publications poised to cash in on a reinvention?

Trade Shows Still Work in an Increasingly Online World

With over 20,000 products showcased and over 1.9 million square feet of booths and exhibitors (which was a new record), some are wondering if trade shows like CES still have benefit and relevance to both companies and attendees.

3 Important Public Relations & Communications Trends for 2013

The public relations industry continues to evolve. Marketing, communications and social media have played an important role in this evolution. Agencies are finding themselves diversifying beyond traditional PR and integrating other disciplines to continue their relevancy in the field.

As Retailers Battle “Showrooming,” Online Merchants Click Through Their Next Moves

With customers shopping for deals locally and then purchasing those same items online – a practice known as “showrooming” – retailers are scrambling to win back sales from foot traffic. At the same time, online merchants are toying with brick-and-mortar presences that aim to match the competition, service for service.

Customers Ask Brands to Go “Servile” proclaimed servility to be the wave of the future for winning over consumers. By their definition, servile means “turning your brand into a lifestyle servant focused on catering to the needs, desires and whims of your customers, wherever and whenever they are.”

Social Media Trends for 2013

This next year will be more of the same, from localization to websites that rise to the call of “me funding;” in 2013 look for the emergence of new and engaging social media platforms.

Jewelry Trends for Autumn Winter

There is no shortage of glamorous jewelry pieces for the upcoming season. From classic clean lines to geometric patterns, there is a jewelry trend to fit everyone’s taste.

Holiday 2012 Marketing Trends

With a more in-touch and wallet-conscious consumer than ever before, seeking out the best ways to shop this holiday season, brands will be getting creative in order to lure customers into their retail stores and online.