When Online Newspapers Aren’t Free Anymore, Does Buying The Cow Make More Sense?

Newspapers have consolidated ownership over the past year as perhaps never before, with moguls like Warren Buffett getting in the game and hinting at a profitable online revenue model. Is this the last hurrah, or are newspapers and other print publications poised to cash in on a reinvention?

Trade Shows Still Work in an Increasingly Online World

With over 20,000 products showcased and over 1.9 million square feet of booths and exhibitors (which was a new record), some are wondering if trade shows like CES still have benefit and relevance to both companies and attendees.

As Retailers Battle “Showrooming,” Online Merchants Click Through Their Next Moves

With customers shopping for deals locally and then purchasing those same items online – a practice known as “showrooming” – retailers are scrambling to win back sales from foot traffic. At the same time, online merchants are toying with brick-and-mortar presences that aim to match the competition, service for service.

Why Art.sy Will Digitize the Art Market

Currently, only four percent of art sales take place online, and countless ventures and start-ups have tried and failed to increase that percentage and to bring the art world to the digital world.

My Organic Canned Food Has More Eco-Labels Than Yours

An explosion in eco-labels – those small squares and squiggles that indicate organic food products have passed certain certifications, like those of Fairtrade and the Agriculture Department – threatens to make organic food shopping more complicated than clicking every social media icon on your favorite blog. Where will it all end?

US Beauty PR: Photoshop Use Banned in Wrinkle Cream Marketing

We've heard the buzzing about L'Oreal ads being banned in the U.K. due to photo manipulation. Now in the US, the National Advertising Division, has banned photo manipulation in beauty advertisements.