The Parallax of Marketing When Viewed Through the Lens of Public Relations

True or false: public relations should mirror all other marketing activities? The answer: a murky ‘it really depends on the situation’.

Putting the Compassion Back Into Social Media

Mental health campaigner Jonny Benjamin and show how social media can be the perfect vehicle for altruism and celebrating random acts of kindness.

Pierce Mattie Communications Adds New Talent to Beauty Division

Pierce Mattie Communications, a public relations agency known for its strategic approach and expertise in the beauty, fashion, health, fitness, home and lifestyle sectors, continues to add seasoned talent to its beauty division. The newest colleagues have proven track records of delivering top-notch results and a wealth of knowledge to help the agency’s client partners.
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Client or Employee Satisfaction: The Business Balancing Act

What’s the key to success - employees or customers? Of course they are both true. There is not just one ingredient to business success, there are several. The Balanced Scorecard approach, for example, lists four areas of focus that a business must balance in order to succeed over the long term: employees, customers, finances, and processes.

Will Lance Armstrong Restore His Image, Or Tarnish It Forever?

After losing the respect of competitors and fans following an explosive report that he used performance enhancing drugs, disgraced cycling champ Lance Armstrong looks to clean up his PR train wreck, complete with noxious chemicals, by chatting up Oprah Winfrey. But will the toxic cloud over Armstrong’s head fade away, or spread its poison forever?

Half-Truths, Spin & Propaganda: Why PR Needs to Embrace the Quest for Truth

Corporations have all kinds of checks and balances to prevent misrepresentation of information, from lawyers to government to their consumers. There’s no reason that public relations can’t operate as one of these arms. In fact, it is our duty to ensure that what the public hears is true.

Compromise Is Not a Dirty Word

To many it’s a dirty word, with opinions often held to be sacrosanct rather than points along a panorama of contiguous perspectives. And yet, an inability to compromise can result in the demise of many a relationship, whether personal or professional.

Communicating to the New Audience

In our business, we constantly remind our clients to be cogent, relevant and succinct in every form of communication. According to a Pew Study, attention span has radically diminished, with people looking for instant gratification rather than in-depth analysis.

Can Twitter Swing the Presidential Election?

With the Presidential candidates both using Twitter to speak to their constituents, Pierce Mattie Communications takes a look at the successes and failures of each, as well as what it means for political campaigns of the future.

Pierce Mattie Communications Launches New Website

After countless hours of thoughtful deliberation, angst to make a teenager proud and hair pulling that left us denuded, Pierce Mattie Communications finally has launched its new, improved, sexy and smartly written website.
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