Strategic. Collaborative. Innovative. Goal-Focused. Results-Oriented. Adaptive. Those are just some of the words that describe Pierce Mattie Communications. We know that choosing a public relations agency is a tough decision. After all, it’s a partnership that when done right puts your brand in front of the people who matter. Maybe it’s your consumers or your retail partners, or influencers ranging from tastemakers to celebrities; whoever you need to reach, we are there to connect the dots and position your brand for success.

Strategic — Our campaigns are designed to meet your core business goals, whether that’s getting eyeballs, showing your retail partners you value them, or increasing consumer buy-in.

Collaborative — Since public relations is just one aspect of the communications mix, we work to seamlessly integrate our programs with your existing efforts.

Innovative — The landscape keeps changing and we are always looking for new ways to deliver results.

Goal-Focused — More than just acronyms to us, KPIs and CSFs help us to know that we are on track and meeting your objectives across the board.

Results-Oriented — We love strategy, but live for results, real results that can drive your business.

Adaptive — We look ahead to the curves in the road to make sure that we shift our programs to fit not only what is but what’s coming.

Pierce Mattie Communications is a thought leader that is constantly adapting to the shifting landscape of communications, defying the formulaic and embracing creative solutions that deliver results for your business.

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