Sometimes it pays to go all out. When we moved to the heart of the Times Square area, we decided to create a space for the press that our clients could use to showcase their brand. What’s great about our space? To begin with, we are within blocks of the major publishing houses. That means that the editors can walk to our offices when there’s an event. It’s also modular, meaning it can be whatever you want it to be. You have complete control over how the space looks and how your brand is presented. Signage, lighting, props. Customize it however you want. Unlike most event spaces in New York, Media Oasis was created just for our clients, meaning that it’s affordably exclusive.

What are some of the events you can use Media Oasis for? It’s almost limitless, providing you don’t exceed our occupancy.

Showroom — Whether you have a fashion and accessories or a home brand, our space can be used to create a showroom to highlight your latest offer or seasonal collection for the press or retail buyers.

Beauty and Spa Treatments — We can create the complete spa experience in Media Oasis. Whether you are using our space for massages, facials, blowouts and styling or makeup applications, we have every tool you need to present your products to the press directly.

Informational Events — For our health and wellness clients, sharing the latest in technology and medical developments can be crucial to getting the coverage they need. Media Oasis provides a low-key environment to get your message across to the press.

Our clients have used Media Oasis for almost everything, which is exactly why we created it. Take a peek at our space below.